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Total Fitness - PE 186/286

  • Total Fitness is a 2 credit class that allows students to learn and apply fitness principles with an individualized approach and a flexible schedule. Students will learn to design and implement a fitness program tailored to their own fitness goals.
  • Orientation sessions are conducted during the first week of the quarter. Students must attend during the times they register for during the first week of the quarter. After the orientation week, workouts can be completed in the Fitness Center during any of the scheduled Fitness Center hours.
  • Students will need to complete 3 workouts a week. Additional course requirements include a pre and post fitness assessment, establishment of fitness goals, fitness quizzes, and completion of a training log.
  • Students may take only one Fitness Center class per quarter (PE 123, 223, 186, or 286).

Course Materials (All forms are in .PDF format. Acrobat Reader required.)

Course Syllabus
(click here)
This form includes course description, grading policy, class requirements, and exercise training information.  Students will need this information to complete the required quizzes.
Student Information Packet
(click here)
This form includes student information, the PARQ, Assumption of Risk, Fitness Goals, Fitness Assessment Instructions and Fitness  Assessment Results.  This form should be filled out and returned to your instructor.
Orientation Video

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This video describes all the rules and requirements for the Fitness Center classes.  Make sure you watch this video If you miss any of the orientation sessions or you just want to review course requirements.